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This form allows you to consult my on-line grade book. You should do this regularly to verify that the grades I have entered into my grade book agree with the grades I posted on your papers. It is possible that I might have made an error recording your grade. Furthermore, my grade book server will calculate your current standing for you and display information about the standing of the class in general.

When you enter your name, be sure to spell it as it is on your official VTC documentation. For example, if your name appears as "William Jones" on your VTC paperwork, then your first name is "William" and not "Bill". If you usually go by your middle name or a nickname, you will have to use your formal name to access your grades here.

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CIS-2025 (C Programming)
CIS-3012 (C++ Programming)
CIS-4040 (Computer Security)
CIS-4050 (Compiler Design)

Last Revised: 2016-01-04
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