CIS-5050 Homework #4: Edmonds-Karp

Due: Friday, April 17, 2020

Read Chapter 26 in the text on Maxmimum Flow.

  1. I provide a specification and a skeletal body for package CIS5050.Edmonds_Karp in this zip archive. Unpack the archive in the src folder of the sample project. Implement the unimplemented subprograms in the body.

    The pseudo-code in the text is quite high level. You may find the pseudo-code on Wikipedia of interest. However, be aware that the pseudo-code on Wikipedia appears to assume the graph is represented using some sort of matrix representation (although it's actually not too clear). The code provided for this assignment uses an adjacency lists representation. You will need to adapt the code accordingly.

Create a zip archive of the files and cis5050-edmonds_karp.adb. Submit your achive to Moodle.

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