CIS-4230 Homework #4 (Sudoku Solver)

Due: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Problem Statement

For this assignment you will write a parallel program that finds solutions to Sudoku puzzles.

Start with the serial version of the program provided by the instructor. Measure its performance on the "zero board" (the board with no initial constraints) to see how many solutions/s it can find. Parallelize the recursive solving process using the methods discussed in class. See the QuickSort sample for ideas. Measure the performance of the parallel version.

The solution manager may need some special handling in the parallel version. Each thread will be updating the same solution manager structure so some sort of synchronization will be needed.


Submit your program as a zip archive containing all files. Please don't include any subdirectories---every file should be in the same folder. Include a Makefile so it is easy to build your program. I will try to build and test it.