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This is the home page for Peter Chapin's CIS-4020 course notes for the Fall 2016 semester. Here you will find class handouts, slides used during the lectures, homework assignments, and links to other references of interest.

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  1. Homework #01. (Due: 2016-09-01) System Calls
  2. Homework #02. (Due: 2016-09-08) The seq_file API
  3. Homework #03. (Due: 2016-09-15) Selected C Topics.
  4. Homework #04. (Due: 2016-09-22) Processes.
  5. Homework #05. (Due: 2016-09-29) Locking.
  6. Homework #06. (Due: 2016-10-06) Scheduling.
  7. Homework #08. (Due: 2016-10-19) Memory Management.
  8. Homework #10. (Due: 2016-11-10) File System Layout
  9. Homeworks below are subject to change


The lab set is summarized in the lab summary document, along with links to specific lab handouts and supporting code samples.


The following are links to relevant resources for this class.

LaTeX Resources

For this class you will be required to use the LaTeX typesetting system to prepare your lab reports. I encourage you to consider using LaTeX for your other formal writing needs even in other classes. This section includes references to materials you can use to help learn the system.

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