CIS-3720 Homework #1 (Development Tools)

The purpose of this assignment is to get you set up for Java programming for this course. You may already have the necessary development environment installed. If so, you only need to compile the sample program and make the simple modifications mentioned below.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Install a suitable Java development environment on your computer of choice (you can also use a lab machine; Java is already installed there). I recommend IntelliJ IDEA. The Community Edition is free and will suite our needs. You will also need to install a Java Development Kit (JDK). I recommend using version 11.0.x for the the largest value of 'x' available. JDK 11 is the Long Term Stable (LTS) version and thus is less likely to exhibit buggy behavior than the latest development version.

  2. Create a Java project in IntelliJ. In that project create a package edu.vtc.cis3720. Add the file to the project. Create a suitable run configuration and then execute that run configuration (which will cause the program to be compiled) to see how the program works. This was done as a demonstration in class; I'm asking you to repeat the steps yourself to gain familiarity with the tools.

  3. Can you find an input (or some inputs) that cause the program to behave in a way that is not entirely desirable? Write a short document, e. g., a text file, that shows the input(s) you found, what the program does when presented with that input, and describe what you think the program should do instead.

  4. (OPTIONAL) Think about what you would need to do to correct the issue(s) you found above. Include a few comments in your document about what needs to be changed. If you are feeling adventurous try making the modifications to the method inputAge2. It is not necessary to do this step for this first assignment.

Submit the text file you created (and the modified program if you chose to do that) to Canvas. You can submit multiple files by creating a zip archive of the files.

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