CIS-3152 Homework #6 (MailFlux)

Due: Monday, April 16, 2018

In this assignment you'll make some enhancements to MailFlux.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Vision project in Jumbo by doing:

            $ cd Projects/Vision
            $ git pull
  2. For this assignment you should modify to implement client side SMTP. Notice that the constructor for that class receives a socket that has already been opened for communication with the server. There are four methods that need to be filled in. Each method does one step of the protocol and returns true if successful, false otherwise.

    The message you are trying to send is the Message object given to the ClientConnection's constructor. Note the methods of Message allow you to access the sender email address, the recipient email addresses, and the text of the message.

  3. To test your work, make a temporary hack to class ServerConnection in the method where messages are received. Instead of spooling the message, create a ClientConnection instance to forward the message on to the server at using port address 25.

    Run MailFlux (for example by creating a suitable IntelliJ run configuration) and then run Evolution on HackBox to send a message to your VTC address. MailFlux should receive the message and then forward it to the VSC mail server using your ClientConnection code. The message should then be delivered to your normal VTC inbox.

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