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This is the home page for Peter Chapin's Network Programming course notes for the Spring 2018 semester. Here you will find electronic versions of class handouts, homework assignments, lecture slides, and links to references. If you are a student taking Network Programming you should bookmark this page.

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All live lectures will be accessed from the same URL. The list below contains links to the recorded lectures.


Weeks 1-5 Weeks 6-10 Weeks 11-14


  1. Homework #01 (20 pts) Daytime Client/Server. Due: 2018-01-22.
  2. Homework #02 (20 pts) Demonstrating Deadlock. Due: 2018-01-29.
  3. Homework #03 (20 pts) Concurrent TCP Servers. Due: 2018-02-05.
  4. Homework #04 (30 pts) DNS Server. Due: 2018-02-28.
  5. Homework #05 (20 pts) UTF-8 decoding. Due: 2018-03-28.
  6. Homework #06 (20 pts) MailFlux Due: 2018-04-16.
  7. Homework #07 (20 pts) Chatter Due: 2018-05-09.


In the past this was a lab course. For practical reasons related to the structuring of our overall CIS offerings, the lab was removed from this ourse. However, the labs are still interesting and can serve as a source of extended examples and as the basis for some assignments.

The lab set is summarized in the lab summary document, along with links to specific lab handouts and supporting code samples.



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