CIS-3050 Homework #10: Hash Tables

Due: Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The attached archive file,, contains the files HashTableOpen.h and HashTableOpen.cpp. These files should go in the ADS folder of your samples solution. You will need to add them as "existing items" to your ADS Visual Studio project. When you are done everthing should continue to build properly.

For this assignment you are to implement the skeletal functions in HashTableOpen.cpp (construct, destroy, lookup, and insert) using the "open addressing" scheme for resolving collisions. There are some comments in the header file that demonstrate how open addressing works. Note that for this assignment you should search forward one bucket at a time looking for a free bucket. This method is called "linear probing." Be sure to wrap around during your search for a free bucket, but be careful not to end up in an infinite loop if the table should happen to be full.

Submit your modified file HashTableOpen.cpp only (put your name in comments). Don't submit the entire project or solution!

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