Database Systems (CIS-3010) Lab Assignments

This document contains a listing of lab assignments for the Database Systems class. Not all of these lab assignments are used every semester. However they are all presented here for reference.

  1. Introduction to Database Systems. In this lab you will get the database server set up and demonstrate that it is working for you.

  2. A PeakBaggers Database. In this lab assignment you will create the first version of a database that allows hikers to track the various mountains they have climbed.

  3. PeakBaggers Queries. In this lab you will populate the PeakBaggers database you created in the previous lab and then do some queries on the data to illustrate inner joins and some other features.

  4. A Temperature Database. In this lab you will create a database for storing temperature data collected by a campus-wide sensor network.

  5. Query Practice. In this lab you will populate the database you defined in Lab #4 and issue various queries on your database.

  6. FoodTracker. In this multi-week lab, you will create a food tracking database. To populate your database with some interesting data, consider using the USDA's "Branded Food Product Database." It contains nutritional information about various branded food products.

Additional Labs

There are a number of other good topics that could be explored in lab. For example, here are some possibilities.

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