C Programming Homework #9: Yibble

Due: Monday, April 11, 2016

For this assignment you will need to check out the Yibble source code using the Git version control system. Use the following commands to configure Git. You only need to issue these commands once (replace "Jill Jones" with your real name and email address):

  $ git config --global user.name "Jill Jones"
  $ git config --global user.email JJones@vtc.vsc.edu
  $ git config --global push.default simple

Use this command to obtain a copy of the Y editor code base (Yibble is a subproject of Y):

  $ git clone https://github.com/pchapin/yeditor.git Y

This creates a folder named Y containing the Y editor project and all its subprojects. You can ignore most of what is in this folder. However, for this assignment it is best to create a Git "branch." That allows your work to be recorded without conflicting with any changes you might later pull down from the main repository. Use these commands:

  $ cd Y/Yibble
  $ git branch hw09
  $ git checkout hw09

You only need to create the branch once. The "checkout" command switches to your branch that, at the moment, is identical to the master branch you obtained from the main repository above. You can now edit the files required for this assignment (see below). When you are done you should commit your changes to your branch:

  $ git commit -a -m "My solution for Homework #9"
  1. In the file text.c implement the functions delete_character and backspace_character. You should only have to edit text.c. Use the provided Makefile to build the program.

Submit the file text.c to Moodle.

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