Computer Organization Lab #6: The Wind Library

  1. In this lab you will implement the reverse_region and put_line functions in the Wind library. Unpack the library to some suitable location and be sure you can build the test program. The functions clear_region and scroll_up have been implemented. Do they work as you expect?

  2. Study the implementation of clear_region and adapt it to implement reverse_region. You will find a reverse_region.asm file in the distribution; it is a copy of the clear_region file right now. You may have to only edit a few lines of it.

  3. You will similarly find a "starter" file for put_line that is a copy of clear_region. The put_line function is quite different than clear_region in a number of respects so you'll need to make more extensive changes to the starter file in this case.

  4. OPTIONAL: You might want to try enhanching the test program to make more interesting tests for the functions you've implemented.

Make a zip archive of the two files reverse_region.asm and put_line.asm and submit that archive to Moodle.

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