Style Guide for C/C++ Programming

Version 1.2. Last Revised: January 11, 2016

This document describes the style guide for C and C++ programming used by the CIS department at Vermont Technical College. Adherence to this guide is at the discretion of each instructor. However, conformance is encouraged for all C and C++ programming done in any VTC class.

This guide is not intended to cover all aspects of style that might be defined. One can still write poorly styled programs while following this guide. Instead this guide is intended to cover essential issues so that students who are not experienced with any particular style develop good habits from the start. By adopting a standard style, the department also hopes to simulate the formality of some professional programming environments and facilitate the work of instructors, tutors, and peers who wish to help others with their programs.

In this document the word SHALL is used to indicate a requirement of this guide. The word SHOULD is used to indicate a recommendation of this guide. The word CAN is used to indicate an allowable option.

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Last Revised: January 11, 2016