Latest Open Watcom Binaries

For those of you in the Vermont Technical College (VTC) community who are interested in experimenting with the development version of Open Watcom—but who don't want to bother compiling the source—I keep a copy of recent Open Watcom development binaries on my web site. I freshen these binaries now and then, but generally at least once per semester (and often more frequently).

The development binaries contain the full system. All supported hosts, tools, libraries, and help files are included. The experimental Linux support is also included.

To use the development binaries, start by unzipping the archive anywhere as long as the path does not contain any spaces. In a Windows console run the useOW.bat file in the root of the expanded archive (review and edit the batch first, if necessary). This batch file will set up the environment so the Open Watcom tools will work. It is possible to have multiple versions of the development binaries installed at the same time. Each version is in a folder with a name based on the date the system was compiled. The useOW.bat file in each archive sets up the environment to use that particular version.

I also provide a for Linux, and useOW.cmd for OS/2. If you want to try the system on those platforms execute the appropriate script.

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Last Revised: October 2, 2019